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The Mountains: St. Lucia’s Breadbasket & Sweet Retreat

As you sit at Calabash Mountain Villa, the view you see is of the marvelous mountains; but you do not see what is really on these mountains.  The Fond St. Jacque area in the Soufriere Quarter is known as the breadbasket of St.

Sundays at the Beach

When vacationers choose a Caribbean Island for their vacation, most people assume quality beach time will be part of the itinerary, as well it should be.  But, all beaches are not alike.  The physical terrain of an area has a lot to do with the appeal it has to tourists.  And, of course, the body of water that the beach is on also has something to do with how enjoyable the beach is.  For example, are there waves that are so large that it makes it difficult to be in the water?  Do waves wash a lot of trash up on the beach?  The answers to these questions help determine how enjoyable the beac

There is something special about waterfront areas, especially when the waterfront is a sea or ocean.  The waterfront at Soufriere, St. Lucia is no different.  It has always been a wonderfully relaxing place and really great to look at.
WAKING UP in St. Lucia

It is 6:00 a.m. and it’s light outside.  You are brought to consciousness by the distant crowing of a rooster.  While it is light, the sun has not crested over the mountain tops just yet.  The other sound you hear is the sweet chirping of birds throughout the valley.  [Too early for you?  No problem, let the chirping birds lull you back to sleep.]

Depending on whether it’s a weekday or the weekend, you will hear dogs bark occasionally, coming out to greet the new day as people make their way to work.  Then there’s an occasional car of someone headed to work.


People draw inspiration and inner peace from a wide variety of sources.  Birds soaring above provide it for a great number of people.  There is something about the act of soaring through the air that seems so free and unfettered.  It is that sense of being unfettered, and the peace of that gentle gliding that people respond to.  While we know we have responsibilities, we tend to drop that stress of obligations sitting on our shoulders when we watch birds soaring so freely.  Of course that is a passing moment, but one to be enjoyed nonetheless.  When you can have that feeling for prolonged p


Is this you?  “I’m too busy."  "I don’t have time to take a vacation.  I don’t need a vacation."  "I don’t have anywhere to go on vacation."  "A vacation costs too much money.”  Are any of these excuses running through your mind?  Well, stop listening to these evil voices in your head.  Everyone needs vacation and should take vacations periodically.  A vacation is, “a break or a time of respite from something.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)  Start planning your respite right now!Is this you?

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