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St. Lucia Heritage Tours

This organization has focused on putting together tours that highlight the Island’s nature, history and culture. The historical attractions include estate tours such as Mamiku Gardens, which focus on beautiful botanical gardens; coastal beauty such as Fond d’Or, the relaxed setting of Balenbouche, and interesting cocoa production as seen at Fond Doux Plantation. The distinctive lifestyles can be seen at Fond Labtisab and Lucian Country Life.  Nature tours include Latille waterfall,Tete Paul nature trail with views of Anse des Piton and turtle watching on Grand Anse Beach. Two other very popular tours are The Sulphur Springs, a natural phenomenon of bubbling hot mineral water; and The Gros Piton climb, which is a clear challenge that combines the physical challenge of the climb and the natural beauty of nature found on the mountain.