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Just fifteen minutes from Calabash Mountain Villa is Soufriere, a fishing town, once the French capital, with a rich and, at times, tumultuous history. Many of the structures in this quaint seaside town are over 100 years old, and the people are proud of their heritage – a mix of French, English, Amerindian and African cultures. There are many local tours available here: by land, sea, and air – for those looking to see and learn more. Also, ask at our desk about the tours that Calabash Mountain Villa has to help you enjoy your stay in St. Lucia.

The island’s west coast is dotted with fishing villages and pristine beaches. Whale and dolphin watching is popular and Soufriere boasts one of the most spectacular coral reefs for guided snorkeling as well as glass-bottom boat tours.

Near the town square of Soufriere, you’ll want to stop at Soufriere’s Market Place by the sea, a farmers’ market selling meat, fish, fruit and locally grown “ground provisions” (potatoes, yams, dasheen, carrots, etc.). The market is a great place to speak to local Lucians and discover hidden treasures of the island.

In Soufriere and around the island, local artisans display their crafts in street-side stands and shops.