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Piton Climb

Mountain climbing creates mental images of steep mountains that are extraordinarily hard to climb for most people.  Suggesting it is easy would not be honest; but it does not have to be like what you have seen in motion pictures of harrowing mountain climbing.  The Pitons (Gros Piton and Petite Piton) are indeed a challenging proposition, but if you are in fairly good shape, you should be able to master the climb.  You are advised to get a guide who can show you how to make the climb and assist you with the climb when necessary.

Calabash Mountain Villa has had a lot of guests who took the challenge to "go climb a mountain." We always advise doing the climb with a guide.  This picture is of one of our guests who took the challenge with her husband.  When it was all over, they were exhilarated that they took the challenge, accomplished the hike, and were very worn out.  But the smile of accomplishment did not leave their faces!

All of our guests who have climbed a mountain, have done so with a guide.  They are glad they did and we are glad they did.  We always recommend doing the climb with a guide!