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Lynel's Taxi & Tours Services

Lynels Taxi & Tour Services has other tour packages available.  Contact them directly to see what else might appeal to you.

Phone: (758) 726-9889


Tour Duration: 5 hr. or more
Tour Type: Customizable    
Tour Includes: water, soda, beer

Bring along comfortable shoes with tread.

Immerse yourself in the magic and wonder of Soufriere, a destination to remember.  It is known as the unofficial capital of tourism.  Take in the beauty and brilliant colors of the scenic town.  Head to the Toraille waterfall on the outskirts of Soufriere, which is situated amidst a beautiful botanical garden.   Jump in for a refreshing dip in a pool that surrounds the waterfall.  Just relax and unwind while nature surrounds you.  It is definitely an oasis for your senses. 

There is also the Diamond Botanical Gardens.  Take a cool walk in; enjoy the vibrant colors, lush vegetation, and the sound of birds all around.  As you head closer to the Diamond Falls , you will surely be captivated and of course don’t forget to get your photos as this is the same area “Superman 2” was filmed. 

Then it’s off to the drive-in volcano, which is a total of seven acres.  The crater produces a unique aroma (sulphur).  Take in the unique multi-colored visuals, head down to the pools and enjoy the mud bath, which will surely leave you feeling rejuvenated, or take a walk further down into the crater and just enjoy the experience. 

Of course, there is also the Tet Paul Nature Trail, a gateway to heaven.  Enjoy lunch at one of our local restaurants and try our delicious cuisine.  There are lots more things to be done.  The New Jerusalem Falls is a warm water spring.  When your tour is over, it’s time to head back to your resort, relax and take in the scenery.

Please Note: The tour is customizable.  Bring along comfortable shoes.

Price:  $80 U.S. round trip