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Diamond Botanical Gardens & Waterfall

The Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens & Waterfall has been a popular attraction since 1983. It includes flowering bushes and shrubs of every type and color that were planted around the existing trees. The tropical climate makes this an all-year-round spectacular attraction. The gardens have been given multiple awards as a beautiful and alluring retreat from the outside world.  The Gardens provide a peaceful and serene environment that is able to calm the spirit of those who visit.  Its beauty is awe-inspiring.

This six-acre multi-award winning tourism site, is an attractive, alluring and peaceful retreat from the outside world.  You will enjoy the beauty and sultry warmth of the tropics while walking through the lush vegetation.

You will also enjoy this breathtaking waterfall and the hot mineral springs that fill the historical baths with age-old medicinal waters.

The Diamond Falls & Botanical Gardens is both a historic and a naturally beautiful site.  A haven for birds and insects, which gives one a true nature experience not to be duplicated anywhere within the Caribbean.