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This quaint, hideaway community is found in a turnoff on the way down the Soufriere Hill from the west coast.  This small community is virtually untouched by development, making it a perfect look back in time and what many consider to be “a little piece of paradise hidden in the bosom of Soufriere.”  There is a two mile road that takes you to the community, but it is not made for two-way traffic.  The Bouton Combined School is at the end of the road that brings you there.  Two trails, one on each side of the school, lead to pristine beaches on the Caribbean Sea.  Wherever you are in Bouton, the twittering birds are the noisiest sounds around.

You can find many exotic fruits (including mangoes), cashew nuts and Soursop in this community.  The small population of this community has the side benefit of making the sole primary school there have a low student teacher ratio, which has enhanced instruction at the school.  If you visit this community you will see people at home tending to everyday chores, kids playing games and biking, men congregating at the rum shop for a game of dominoes.  If you visit Bouton you will see the heart of St. Lucia.