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WAKING UP in St. Lucia

It is 6:00 a.m. and it’s light outside.  You are brought to consciousness by the distant crowing of a rooster.  While it is light, the sun has not crested over the mountain tops just yet.  The other sound you hear is the sweet chirping of birds throughout the valley.  [Too early for you?  No problem, let the chirping birds lull you back to sleep.]

Depending on whether it’s a weekday or the weekend, you will hear dogs bark occasionally, coming out to greet the new day as people make their way to work.  Then there’s an occasional car of someone headed to work.

If it’s a windy day, you hear the leaves rustling on the trees.  If it is raining, you hear the gentle sound of rain against the building and the trees.  Sometimes you will hear a horn tooting as it travels the winding roads, announcing the bread truck so people can go out and get the fresh baked local bread (yum.)

Little by little you hear more chirping.  It’s a variety of chirps as more birds awaken and arrive in this valley.  You may hear the mooing of cows, bleating of sheep and goats join in, or the whinny of a horse here and there.

If you’ve decided to get up and enjoy watching the valley as it awakens, you will also see birds sailing through the valley, stopping occasionally in the trees to chirp and signal others that it’s a new day.  This is when you see the Cattle Egret along with other birds.  When you see the birds, the sun is in the process of cresting the mountain tops.

Another beautiful day is underway!  Birds are not the only activity going on in this area.  During the week, you will see children making their way to school and adults making their way to work.  Some of this foot-traffic and some vehicles go right past us on the road below, where you can see them.  Others are making their way to school or work on the road above us.