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THE TRANQUILITY OF SUNSET in the Mountain Valley

The sun rises and sets every day.  Some of the rising and setting is more spectacular than others.  Many feel watching the sun rise or set on the sea is the best.  We believe there is beauty in the process wherever you happen to be.  If you happen to be at Calabash Mountain Villa, you can see for yourself, it is a beautiful event, and here is how it happens...

Calabash Mountain Villa sits in a mountain valley, on the side of a mountain.  There is a lot of mountain behind/above us.  We don’t sit due north or south.  So, sunrise and sunset look a little different here.  Sunrise for us comes over the mountains that sit across the valley and to our right as we look out from the balcony.  Sunset is even trickier.  The sun sets behind us to our left.  The mountain where we sit blocks the “real” sunset from our view.  However, that does not mean we cannot enjoy the beauty of sunset.

Our sunset is in the play of sunlight as it slips behind the mountains and it gets progressively dark.  This is a beautiful sight.  As the sun slips behind the mountains, its rays play off of the clouds in the sky and the mountainsides we see in front of us.  The setting sun bathes everything in its reddish hue, as it gets closer to being fully set.   We enjoy watching the various birds as they sail up and down the valley as they prepare to settle into their overnight spots; singing and calling to each other as they soar back and forth.  Along with the birds, the crickets, ting-ting frogs, and other insects create a symphony of sound that goes along with the sunset.  When the sun is just about fully set, there is still enough light for a moment to see and appreciate the beauty of the mountains.  When all the light has gone and the mountains are dark, the symphony continues on into the night, the perfect lullaby. 

What end-of-day phenomena of nature do you enjoy the most?