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There is something special about waterfront areas, especially when the waterfront is a sea or ocean.  The waterfront at Soufriere, St. Lucia is no different.  It has always been a wonderfully relaxing place and really great to look at.  A few years ago Soufriere decided that it was time for some sprucing up.  They came up with some new ideas and gathered the necessary resources and they gave the waterfront a face-lift.  This was not just a, splashing some paint on existing structures, face-lift.  They gave some real thought to what the area should be for tourists.

They decided to expand the tourist info office from one of the buildings along Bay Street to an additional free standing kiosk right by Soufriere Bay.  It is bright and inviting and a lot easier to find.  All the maps, brochures, and magazines you need to decide where you want to go in Soufriere are right there.  A real improvement.

The pier was also given a face-lift with some paint and signage that welcomes visitors to the town.  Many people who are sightseeing in Soufriere arrive by boats from other parts of the island, or from ships that anchor in the Bay, or even from nearby islands.  While Soufriere always welcomed visitors, there is no doubt now that you are welcomed to this town.  And the beautiful kiosk makes you feel like this is a place you would really like to know much better!

What things make you really excited to explore an unfamiliar area?  When you travel, what do you look for to help you find your way around?