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Is this you?  “I’m too busy."  "I don’t have time to take a vacation.  I don’t need a vacation."  "I don’t have anywhere to go on vacation."  "A vacation costs too much money.”  Are any of these excuses running through your mind?  Well, stop listening to these evil voices in your head.  Everyone needs vacation and should take vacations periodically.  A vacation is, “a break or a time of respite from something.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)  Start planning your respite right now!Is this you?

When you plan a vacation, one of the things you want to consider is ‘what can I do while on vacation?’  Of course, many just want to relax and feel that where they go isn’t that important, because they really don’t want to do anything.  Consider this – suppose you decide not to go anywhere, as people find out you are at home, on vacation, the phone starts to ring.  It could be people from work who just have “one quick little question” as they apologize for bothering you while on vacation.  Or it could be friends or family members who have some great ideas for how to spend your free time by going and doing stuff.  Your plans for a relaxing vacation are already blown. 

So now, can we agree the best option is to go somewhere?  The question is where to go.

We propose going to St. Lucia.  Why you should visit St. Lucia:  This is an island where you can do absolutely nothing if you want to.  There are lots of beaches around the island for you to enjoy and just relax.  There are places where you can just stay in your lovely, luxurious room and do nothing.  You can go sit in a park or a lovely garden and do nothing but enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area.  Go to see the most beautiful waterfalls, marveling at the beauty of nature – and just sit there and do nothing.  You get the picture, you can be inaccessible to those who know you, and would plan your day for you because you are on vacation.

Some people only think they are tired, but they are so bored from doing the same routine things day in and day out, it wears them out.   They may be ready to actually dosomething different.  Well, there is plenty to do in St. Lucia for fun.  Beaches and gardens are there for you to enjoy, but there is much more.  You can go to major shopping centers where you can find very unique fine items.  If nature is more your style, take a hike through the rainforest; climb one of the Pitons or other mountain trails; go horseback riding; go scuba diving; and the list of what to do goes on... 

You can go shopping at the vendor markets and pick up some wonderful jewelry, works of art (paintings, sculptures, and more), clothing, etc.  There is plenty to do in the evenings too.  Pick your style of entertainment and go enjoy some music, do some dancing, walk along a moon-drenched beach, enjoy the constellation of stars that shine bright at night, lots to do!

Places of interest in St. Lucia